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2010 crankshaft forging technology forum successfully held in Luoyang

18-19 April 2010, the typical forging parts Advanced Manufacturing Technology Forum 2010 - crankshaft thematic Oriental Hotel in Luoyang successfully held the meeting to "promote independent innovation, enhance the China forging enterprise manufacturing level" as the themehead, nearly seven ten delegates from across the country to participate in the forum.

China Forging Association Deputy Secretary-General of Korea lumber attended the forum and opening remarks, Chongqing Dajiang Cinda Casting Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Mr. Wang Ping, China Forging Association senior adviser to Zhao Yiping, researchers, engineers Tianrun Crankshaft Co., Ltd. Xu Junfeng, Wuhan Heavy Industry Casting Co., Ltd. Deputy Chief Engineer Mr. Chen Guosui Miss Feng Guiping, Fushun Special Steel Company Technical Center structural Steel, director of first Tractor Company Limited forging branch Wu Chi high engineers, automotive and marine crankshaft machining market, forging process, machine processing methods, materials, common defects and prevention measures have done a wonderful report.

To solve the problems encountered in the actual production of the participating companies, the forum has also set up special "round table" on behalf of all participants asked the difficult questions, answered by the experts or other participants live. China Forging Association Senior Advisor Expansion researcher organized, FAW Bharat, Dongfeng Forging drag forging Liaoning 518 business representatives have introduced their own "trick", many companies are scene has been resolved . After the meeting, the delegates also visited the First Tractor Company Limited forging branch.

It is reported that the forum is the first meeting of the China Forging Association of Advanced Manufacturing Technology Forum of the "typical forging parts, in the future, the association will also organize a technical forum of the" rod "and a series of typical forged parts, in order to more targeted sex to solve practical problems in forging companies in product processing.