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Small gasoline engine disassembly precautions and methods!

1.The machine most of the parts for the aluminum alloy, installed fasteners should not spin too tight, to prevent damage to the Threading.

2. Demolition piston, remove the piston pin retaining ring placed in oil heated to about 160 ℃ and then the piston, piston pin can be gently introduced. Piston mounted a certain direction, the top arrow points to the exhaust port.

3. Demolition piston rings, not so open through the large opening, so as not to deform or break.

4. Installing the cylinder body, piston rings incision should be aligned with a positioning pin of the piston ring groove, and then push the piston into the cylinder, cylinder intake pipe end with the crankcase the ignition leads gap direction.

5. Magneto flywheel and cooling fan must be dismantled pullers, magneto flywheel fitted, must check the woodruff key with the quality, at the same time check whether the keyway.

6. The piston, connecting rod, crankshaft, moving parts of the front and rear half crankcase is loaded, the front and rear half crankcase shall be placed in the oil was heated to 170 ° C, and maintained 3min removed immediately pressed into the moving parts on the right ball bearing. After taking first half crankcase, installed after the first half of the crankcase.

7. Crankcase generally does not permit the demolition, must be removed, insulating varnishes, to remain sealed in the first half of the pre-and post-installation crankcase mating surfaces must be painted.

8. Non-demolition heat engine.